How can I add allies?

According to the game rules, you can add allies from your friends from Facebook only. Note that it is not enough to be friends on Facebook to become allies in the game.
You can intite your friends into the game, become their ally and get rewards for that in the following way:
1. Click Add a friend (icon with a yellow "+" symbol in the lower right corner of the game window).
2. In the Invite Friends tab of the appearing window you will see a list of friends available for inviting. You can select the friends you would like to add by check-marking them or invite all at once by clicking Invite now. The amounts of friends you should invite to get rewards are stated at the scale at the top of this window. Note that only the friends that are not authorized in the game are displayed in the list. To add friends who are playing the game as allies, visit the Become allies tab (available if there are such friends to be shown).
To check incoming and outgoing requests, use the relevant tabs of the menu (click the buttons at the left part of the menu window).
The list of your friends from Facebook is also displayed at the bottom of the game window. At the beginning of it you can see friends who have already become your allies, then - friends who play the game (marked as "I'm playing!") and then - friends who don't. To invite them to the game or add as allies, click their avatars. 
Note that in order to become allies, your friends should accept your invitations in their games and so should you if an invitation was sent to you. After a friend sends you an invitation and you accept it, both of you should refresh the page using F5 button. Also friends who launch the game on Facebook appear in the incoming requests automatically.
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