What kinds of expendables are there in the game?

There are three types of expendables: for a crew, for a starship and for a battle usage.
Items for a crew are the following:
1. First Aid Kits are necessary for restoring a crew’s health.
2. Resurrection kit Lazarus helps to resurrect a dead crew member.
Items for a starship are Repair Kits that restore the ship’s hit points.
Items for a battle are the following ones:
1. Boosters that enhance battle characteristics of weapons making them more effective.
2. Missiles which enable you to inflict additional damage to an enemy during your move.
You can use Missiles and Repair Kits in a battle as well. To do that, you should place them in the Launcher subsystem. You can do this from your lower hold: choose the necessary expendable, and tap on the Install button. To use a Missile or a Repair Kit during a flight, press the "+" sign in the lower left part of the screen. Boosters are placed in a special slot in the lower right part of the screen.

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