Main Interface

The game main interface is where you can see images of rooms and mini-game icons. On the left side your current quests are displayed. To the right is your game panel, with the help of which you can access all of the main places in the game.

Near the panel, there are icons displaying active offers and charms, as well as icons of the charms you can buy at the Store.

Every room has its quirks. Firstly, every room except the Atlantic Hotel, in which you begin the game, requires a certain level. When you've reached it, you can begin searching the rooms. If you don't want to wait, you can gain access by spending diamonds - but only if you are no more than 2 below the required level. Secondly, the rooms are secured by locks, the keys to which you can purchase with coins.

Every room at different locations is marked with a special badge. Pressing on the room or the badge opens the entrance window, where you can see the amount of coins and experience you'll receive for a successful search. You can also see how many energy points you'll spend and what items can be obtained after a successful search. A certain amount of searches increases your mastery in a room. With each level of mastery, the time allotted for searches and the number of items needed to be found changes. The coins and experience received for a successful search increases, as well as the energy you'll have to spend to search. When you reach a new mastery level, you receive 1 diamond as a reward.

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