Hotel Map

At the bottom of the game screen you can see a map of the hotel with all its rooms. To investigate any room, except the Lobby, where you begin the game, you must reach the necessary experience level. Tap on the room on the screen to open an entrance window to the room, in which its characteristics (the amount of energy and items required to enter, the amount of rewards you will receive for investigating - experience and coins). In this window you can see the scale of your progress in investigating this room, your "Skill Level". The time you are alloted and the items you need to find while investigating a room will change depending on your skill level. The reward will increase (in money and experience) as well as the energy required to investigate. As your skill level grows, so will the chance for collection items to drop, as well as the list of items that can drop. Your current quests are listed on the left. The panel on the right has buttons you can use to view your collections, inventory, friends and the store.
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