Investigating rooms

Entering the room, you will see a picture of its interior with randomly placed items. On the right part of the screen will be a list of the objects that you need to find. The rooms have a timer that shows the time allotted for your investigation. Underneath the list of items to find is a panel with tools that will make your investigation easier. During the investigation you must tap on an item. If you have found the right item, it will be removed from the list of items. As soon as all the items have been found, the room will be finished. You will receive the reward indicated in the window upon exiting the room. You may stop investigating the room at any time by using the exit button. In this case, you will not receive a reward, and the energy spent to enter the room will not be returned. In modes with limited time to search, you may pause the game and stop the timer. Searching for items is not possible during a pause.
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