Your Character's Attributes

Your character's attributes are the following:
1. Experience. You gain experience points every time you explore a room, help a friend, trade with a creature on the map or fight an enemy. When you accumulate enough experience points, you level up. Every time you level up your light is fully replenished, you earn rubies and gain access to new rooms, items and quests.
2. Light. Consumed every time you explore a room or fight an enemy. This attribute is increased when you equip or purchase different wardrobe items or accessories. One point of light is regenerated every 3 minutes. You can also restore the light you've spent with light sources from the game store.
3. Silver Coins. The currency of choice for the Castle's inhabitants, though some of them would much prefer not to handle silver. You can use these coins to buy certain goods in the game store.
4. Rubies. You get 5 rubies every time you level up and 5 rubies for logging in to the game 5 days in a row or buy more in the Bank. Rubies let you purchase the rarest and most precious goods and light sources in the game Store.
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