Plot: The Castle, Its Master and Residents

This Castle is as ancient as they come, but for all its centuries it remains in remarkable condition. It is inhabited by all manner of strange people, some of whom could hardly be called people at all... Portraits follow your every movement with cold eyes, as fantastical shadows dart to and fro in the corridor depths. Yet despite the macabre mysteries lurking within these walls, you can't help but feel comfortable, as if you're finally home after many years of wandering. And you might just be the only one who can solve the mysterious disappearance of the former Master of the Castle. Furthermore, you will study from a book of secrets about ancient races that come into this world when the moon shines full in the night sky. You will learn that the world is standing on the brink of a new war, a war more horrifying than any mankind has ever known. And that the fate of it all depends only on one person... But not just any ordinary person... On you!
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