Plot: The Arrival

A courier delivers to you a strange letter, saying that you have inherited an ancient Castle. At first you think it's all some kind of prank, but having enclosed in the letter you notice a first-class ticket to Transylvania and money to cover all travel expenses. You accept the invitation, and here you are getting picked up at the airport in a lavish limousine with a taciturn driver. The long road ends at the gate of a massive Castle perched atop a tall mountain. Its bulky gray frame overhangs a seemingly bottomless precipice, its towers' spires scratching at the sky like claws of a giant wolf. You hardly even cross the threshold when this already unbelievable tale turns into something you'd read in a fantasy novel... Schwartzberg stretches before you in full splendor, along with its remarkable residents, each of which isn't quite what they seem... Ancient spirits demanding gifts and guessing your exact needs at any given moment... Creatures from the depths of history, myths and legends... And you, an ordinary person only yesterday, now a claimant to a legacy which appears to extend even beyond this Castle...
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