How can I earn the in-game money?

You can earn the in-game money in the following ways:
1. Complete contracts. Doing that, you can earn a lot of in-game money and experience with a little effort.
2. Find the most profitable options for buying and selling goods at the Galactic Exchange. The Info button is an excellent helper in trading operations.
3. Complete plot missions. Your rewards will increase as you advance in the story line.
4. Collect and sell trophies. You can sell trophies directly from your Hold (in emergency) or at the Exchange (for a better profit).
5. Mine minerals and sell them at the best price you can find.
​6. Buy Credits and Crystals in the game Bank that is the easiest and the most convenient way to get the game currency. To open the Bank, press the "+" symbol at the top of the game window next to the indicators showing the current amount of your in-game money.

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