General Questions

Q: Where am I? What is Dragon Eternity?
A: You have registered in Dragon Eternity, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that offers its players to explore the marvelous, colorful and carefully elaborated world of Adan.

Q: How do I play? What are my options?
A: Fight Monsters, acquire Armor and Weapons, learn combat Spells, ride Mounts, learn the secrets of Necromancy, help inhabitants of Adan by completing Quests, battle other players, meet friends and fall in love - in this world, nothing is impossible!

Q: How do I move around the game world?
A: Use the Transitions button in the lower part of your current location screen to move between locations. Click the button and choose a destination from the list. To travel around the game world quickly, buy a Runestone of Teleportation. Then simply click a location on the map and select Teleport. You will be transferred to the selected place for a small fee.

Q: How do I fight Monsters?
A: Click a monster and select Attack or simply double-click it.
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