Items and Equipment

Q: How do I acquire Equipment and Consumables? 
A: When you start playing, you can find all the essentials in the Shop. Click the Shop button in the menu in the right part of the screen (the uppermost button), then use the category tabs and filters to find the desired item, add it to Cart, and click Purchase to buy the item. As you level up, trading with other players directly or through the Auction will become available to you. 

Q: When can I start trading and how do I do it? 
A: You can start trading at level 4. To trade with a player directly, click his nickname in the location`s player list and select Trade from the menu. Auction can be accessed by clicking the Auction House button in the menu in the right part of the screen (third button from the left). 

Q: How do I equip/unequip/throw items away? 
A: To equip an item, click the Backpack icon in the lower right part of the screen, hover your mouse over the item`s image and click Equip. To take an item off, click your avatar to open the Character screen, hover your mouse over the respective item and choose Unequip. Most of the items cannot be thrown away, but you can sell them straight from the Backpack by clicking the Sell button on the item`s image. 

Q: Which Classes are there in the game and how do I choose one? 
A: Three Classes exist in Adan: Berserk, Paladin and Witcher. Your Character`s Class is determined by the equipped Weapons, Armor and Jewelry. It is impossible to wear Items intended for different Classes simultaneously. Marks can be used to improve Equipment. Class can be changed anytime by removing the old Class Items and equipping those of the new Class. 

Q: How do I acquire green Gladiator Equipment? 
A: Players create Gladiator Equipment themselves, using Blacksmith Warrants that can be acquired after completing certain Quests. 

Q: I`ve received a Collection Element. What does that mean and how do I gather a full Collection?
A: Collections are sets of rare items that can be acquired by fighting Monsters, other players or participating in different Events and Instances. Complete Collections grant new abilities to your Character, often adding to your Experience or one of the Reputations. 

Q: Where can I view the game items? 
A: Click here to view the Item Database:
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