Character Progression

Q: How do I view my Character`s stats?
A: Click your Character image in the upper left corner of the screen and choose the "Characteristics" tab in the window that appears.

Q: How do I distribute Characteristic points?
A: Characteristic points are distributed automatically when your Character levels up.

Q: How do I level up? What`s in it for me?
A: You receive Experience Points for slaying Monsters, completing Quests and participating in game Events. After receiving a required amount of Experience, your Character levels up. New levels make new Quests available as well as better Equipment and more powerful Consumables. Upon reaching certain levels, you will receive Quests that will grant you special abilities: Magic, Necromancy, Dragon summoning etc.

Q: I received Valor while fighting other players. What does it mean?
A: Valor is a Characteristic that shows how successful you are in battles against other players. Develop your Valor to receive new Ranks that grant you access to special Armor, Dragon items, powerful Consumables and other unique things. Valor can be earned by participating in Battlegrounds and Events or attacking other players with Bonecrusher Spheres.

Q: What are Reputations and how do I earn them?
A: You can develop different Reputations by completing special Quests or participating in certain game Events. Leveling up a Reputation grants you access to unique Items and Equipment, special abilities or simply a regular reward.

Q: What are Professions for?
A: Professions allow players to gather Resources and craft items, from Food and Orbs to Weapons and Armor. These items can then be used or sold at the Auction to other players.
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