Mounts and Dragons

Q: The game is called Dragon Eternity. Does this mean there are Dragons in Adan?
A: At level 16, your Character will be able to receive a Dragon ally who can later be summoned into combat. In order to obtain a winged companion, you must first pass the Trials of the six Elder Dragons and gather an Amulet of Melding.

Q: Are there any Mounts in the game? How can I use them? How does one acquire a Mount?
A: Mount do exist in the world of Adan, from lizard-like Spiketails to wolf-like Wargals. You will be able to purchase your first Mount from the Reputation screen at level 22 after acquiring 1000 Protector Reputation.

A: I saw another player summon Skeletars into combat. What are those?
Q: Warriors of level 16 and higher can learn the secrets of Necromancy from the Necromancer Ani-Dahlia, receiving the ability to summon undead allies - Skeletars - into battle.
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