Q: Why can`t I use Magic?
A: Access to Magic is granted after completion of the level 4 Quest "Learning Battle Magic". Icons of available Spells are displayed in the left part of the combat screen and become active when a Character accumulates enough Mana. Schools of Magic available to your Character depend on the Class items (the first one you receive will be an Amulet) equipped on your Character.

Q: Why only three Spells are available to me? How do I learn the rest?
A: Spells available to you in combat depend on your Character`s Class. Upon Class change, a different set of Spells will be granted to your Character. Please note that the Spells already learned will not disappear, simply become unavailable until you switch back to the required Class. The Spellbook can be found in the menu in the left part of the screen (the 6th icon from the top). The first page of the Spellbook lists Spells available to your Character.

Q: How do I cast Spells?
A: To cast a Spell in combat, you must first accumulate the required amount of Mana. Mana is generated when you attack the enemy and when the enemy attacks you. When you accumulate enough Mana, click a Spell icon to cast it
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