How can I add friends in the game?

You can make friends with players who use the application on Facebook as well. Your friends on Facebook account become your friends in the game in case they are playing it. You can invite them to the game: to do that, click on Invite friends in the upper part of the game window, use the Invite friends option next to the friends' names and click Done.
Also the same procedure can be performed with the help of the menu at the bottom of your game screen. Click on Invite friends icon and checkmark the selected friends. After that click Invite.
Also you have a wonderful chance to find friends to play together at our official Facebook game community here:! To do that, follow our news published for a special Add me post. Just write Add me in the comments under it and add players who have already done the same. You will become friends and continue playing the game helping each other by exchanging with gifts and items, supporting one another in fights with bosses and leaving hints in the rooms!
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