What kind of Tools do you have in the game?

Tools are used to help you find hidden objects in a room and to banish various phenomena that may be in a room. You can purchase tools, receive them from your friends as a gifts or get as a reward after exploring a room. Some tools can be purchased with gold coins and some only with diamonds. Click on the Shop icon and then on Tools at the tab along the top to locate them. Types of tools:
1. Compass Tool - mysteriously guides you to the item you are looking for. These can be purchased for one diamond each or you can purchase a 10 pack for nine diamonds.
2. Flashlight/Enhanced Flashlight - lasts either 30 or 60 seconds and increases your light’s range for use in dark screens.
3. Time Freeze - stops time for 40 seconds.
4. Enhanced Time Snail - slows time for 60 seconds.
5. Gold Bomb - this causes five items on the find list to blow up.
6. Time Snail - slows speed to half speed for 10 seconds.
7. The Flare - this lights up the entire room while it is in night mode for 30 seconds.
8. Enhanced Pointer - this lights up items that are on your list when you point at them for 60 seconds.
9. Pointer - this lights up items that are on your list when you point to them for 30 seconds.
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