How to place buildings? Scroll the menu at the bottom of the screen, tap the building you want to place and drag it to the slot in your camp. Note, you have limited amount of slots, so think wisely what buildings you need to construct exactly. How to upgrade buildings? To upgrade the village you need to upgrade your castle first. Just drag the castle icon from item purchase zone onto the Castle standing in the middle of your village. Then you'll be able to upgrade other buildings up to the level of your Castle. To upgrade other buildings, simply drag chosen building from purchase zone into battlefield area. You can upgrade your buildings up to 3rd level. How to hire warriors? Choose a warrior and drag him on the map. Warriors will appear in your castle. How to upgrade the warriors to the next level? Your warriors gain experience while dealing damage to the enemy warriors or buildings. The experience bar is the tiny white line under the health-bar of the warriors. When the bar is filled up - warrior gains next levels. You can level up your warrior up to 4th level. Top level Order warriors wears golden armor while Chaos warriors - black with golden edges. How to manipulate the camera? Hold your screen with two fingers and rotate it as you want. Double tap to return to the default. What if all of my warriors died? Don't worry! Your army will resurrect as soon as their souls return to your Castle. What do the spells do? Spells are optional. It makes your game more fun to play. There are two types of spells: - for your buildings; - for your warriors. Each spell has its own range and you can use it on more than one target. Don't forget to mark the spells you want to use in next battle while in the 'Spell Selection Window'. You won't be able to use them otherwise. How do I put a spell on a warrior or a building? As you get ready to start a campaign, after you select the difficulty, you see a window with the spells to select for the battle. Check the ones you need with green checkmarks. Ther description of a spell can be observed by holding its icon for a couple of seconds. As the campaign begins and you warriors appear on the battlefield, scroll the menu at the bottom of the screen, find the spell you need and drag it onto the group of your warrior. A spell can be put on a building the same way - just select the spell you need and drag it onto your building. Where can I find current missions during the battle? Press the Missions button next to the Combat button. Alternatively – pause the game by pressing back button on your device. Is the day/night cycle important? The day/night cycle significantly affects the strength of all warriors. Order gains more power at day time while Chaos is stronger at night. Do I get money for selling buildings? Yes, you earn some resources for selling buildings. You'll get half of the amount you've paid to construct them. Note: selling damaged buildings give you less resources. How can I repair buildings? Use Repair or Patch up spells to repair your buildings. Alternatively you can sell a damaged building and construct a new one. What is the highest level of the village? You can upgrade each building of your village up to 3rd level.
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