Units, Buildings and their upgrading

Where can I unlock or upgrade my units and buildings? On the World Map tap an icon with a castle depicted on it. Then scroll the menu to choose a needed item. You can also unlock items in the battle. While playing tap on the locked item in the item purchase zone. You can unlock an item for one battle or permanently. How to unlock new units and buildings? Find the item you want to unlock and choose how to do that: for diamonds or for coins. All items become available for unlocking on certain levels, but if you have enough diamonds – there is nothing impossible for you. How to upgrade buildings and units? Choose unit or building and tap the skill you want to upgrade. Each skill has 5 levels. Where can I find item's description? Tap on its depiction to see information about an item. How can I unlock spells? You can unlock spells in the following ways: - by gathering stars; - by purchasing them using diamonds.
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