How do I add neighbors?

At present you can become neighbors in the game with your friends from Facebook. As soon as you link the game to your Facebook account, friends who play the Tribez on Android or iOS will automatically appear in your neighbors' list. If some friends play the Tribez on other platforms, they won't appear in your game on iOS.
You can also invite your friends from Facebook to the game and get rewards for becoming neighbors. It's rather simple:
1. Open the Neighbors bar by pressing the button with two villagers in the bottom of the screen.
2. Press Add neighbors (icon with a green "+" symbol) to see the list of your Facebook friends available for inviting.
3. Select the friends you'd like to invite and press the corresponding button. If you want to invite all of them, tap the Invite all! button. You can also search for a certain friend using the Find option.
The scale at the top of the tab shows number of friends you should have to get a reward while the timer tells the time frame left.
You can always find more friends and neighbors in the official game community on Facebook.

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