How do I visit my neighbors and help them?

To interact with your friends, you should fulfill a special quest "Visiting Jamboa village" first (available in the game starting from the version 1.6.0). You can visit an unlimited number of neighbors a day.
To go to your friend's place, tap the Neighbor menu (button with two people depicted at the bottom of the screen), then press an avatar of a friend you want to visit, and you will be directed to the player's village.
To help your neighbor during the visit, tap the buildings with icons with resources above them. You will be able to keep some of these resources for yourself. Please, note that you can only perform a limited number of activities in each village you visit. The number of actions left is shown in the upper left corner of the screen right under your experience and happiness levels.
To return back home, press an icon with a house on it in the lower left corner.

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