I purchased gems and still miss them in the game? What should I do?

The best solution in this case is to contact Apple Support directly to find out the status of transaction processing as we have no access to your payment details. Here is the link where you can find necessary contact information: 
You can also check the instruction below on how to submit an inquiry to Apple:
1. To view your Purchase history and send an inquiry, click Store tab in the upper menu in iTunes.
2. Choose View My Account.
3. Enter your login and password (if requested) and you will see your account information.
4. Find the Purchase history option and click See all.
5. Choose the required application and click Report a Problem.
6. In the drop-down list select the option that suits your case, for example, if your purchase was not delivered to the game – click “I didn't receive this item” and you will be able to submit a request to Apple Support Team. 
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