How to build the Moon Smithy and the Sage Tower?

You should collect all the required items first to build the Moon Smithy and the Sage Tower. When you open the event window, where the option to obtain the buildings is given you can find the full list of the necessary items there. Each item is given for charging a collection. Please, note that some items are required to charge the Hunter collection which gives one of the necessary items for the tower. These items will be withdrawn after charging the Hunter Collection.
To see the items gathered, press the event window at the right side of the game window. When all the necessary items are collected, open the Smithy and the Tower building tabs and tap Build. After that place the building on a certain area and benefit from the Smithy and the Tower by producing unique elixirs for the next 20 days.
To unlock the buildings again when operation period is over, you should get a silver key for the Smithy and a golden one for the Tower. You can get the keys as soon as you have additionally collected the required elements. Pay attention to the fact that there is no opportunity to exchange the items for the keys before the next Great Moon event. All the items collected during the current Great Moon event are transferred to the next one.
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