How do I take part in event with collecting resources from characters coming to my island?

In order to get access to the event, check the following settings and make sure that:
1. You have the latest game version installed.
2. You have the High Details option enabled: choose Additional Services (the Star button in the bottom menu) → Options → Graphics and set High details. If you have tourists on your island or your friends' islands, you already have the animation option turned on.
3. The road goes from the first pier to your administrative building and all around it. To check it, use the Scheme option (press the Eye button at the right side of the screen) to hide the buildings and see all roads and foundations.
4. You have enough free space on the beach. Take buildings (including limited edition constructions) and decorations away from the beach. You can put them into your Warehouse or replace them.
If the issue remains, please contact our Support Team for the purposes of further assistance.

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