What are the Mysterious Chests and the Mysterious living room?

The Mysterious living room is a brand new room, exploring which gives you an opportunity to gain rare unique collections and other useful items.
The Mysterious living room looks like a large chest located outside the main map. As you tap it for the first time, you can see the requirements for the first stage of unlocking it (collecting items that can be found in rooms of the Manor and in the Mysterious chests). As you complete the first stage, the room will be available for exploring. Every time you will have to pay a certain amount of keys for entering the room (Living Rooms Emblems), that can also be found in the mysterious chests.
As the mysterious chests are closely connected to the whole process of playing in the Mysterious living room, here is some more information about them.
There are three types of Mysterious chests - the Casket, the Box and the Chest. First you receive a casket.
The Mysterious Ascents drop from the rooms of the Manor with a certain chance like the usual items. As soon as you are lucky enough to find one of them, it goes to your Inventory, the Chests tab. You will have 3 hours to open it, and the countdown starts as soon as the Casket is found. The Casket can be opened with the Mysterious keys that can be found in any room of the Manor. Upon opening the casket you receive collection items, Living room emblems and weapons for fighting Bosses, but what is more important - you also receive the Mysterious Box. You have more time to open it and it also contains a larger reward, but it requires more Mysterious keys as well. As you open the Mysterious Box - you receive the Mysterious Chest with the longest opening time, the best reward contained and the largest amount of keys required for opening.
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