How do I find friends?

There are several ways of looking for friends:
1. Choose a future friend from the list.
Tap the Friends button on the main game bar in the right part of the screen. After that, go to the Add Friends tab where you’ll see a list of four random players. Here you’ll be able to see their level and avatar, as well as have the option to visit any of them. If you liked one of the players from the list, tap the Make Friends button. The list refreshes every eight hours, but if you do not want to wait, you can always refresh it just for a few diamonds.
2. Accept a request.
Does someone already want to become your friend? To find it out, go to the Pending tab. Here you can see the requests you sent out as well as those sent to you by the players that want to be your friends.
3. Use the code.
You can add any player you want to your Friends list by using their referral code. This code is a unique identifier that each Mystery Manor player, including you, has. To learn your referral code or add another player to your friends using their referral code, open the Services tab in your Friends window.
To learn your code and publish it on a social network, tap the Invite button in the upper part of the screen. Katherine will tell you what to do next.
If you want to become someone’s friend, send a request to that player. To do this, tap the Enter button in the lower part of the screen. Again, Katherine will appear and explain what to do next.
4. Join a Guild.
You can join in a Guild once you've reached level 7. If you are on friendly terms with one of the Guild members, add them to your friend list. It's easy: just open the main Guild window with the list of its members, choose the friend you'd like to add, and tap the symbol of a man with a + sign.
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