What is Mysterious Bunker?

Mysterious bunker is the room of Shatchins' General. He is ill and asks to help him with recovering. In gratitude, he will allow you to enter his bunker, very secret and very well-guarded by snatchins. To enter the room you should go through several stages:
1. Clear the entrance (asking items from one another as gifts or buying them).
2. Collect miraculous keys to the bunker (by banishing snatchin-guardsmen and knights with chocolate medals).
Chocolate medals can be found by exploring the rooms of the Manor.
Now you have just to heal General using different kinds of remedies from the list. You can use only 10 Healings for each treatment. You can heal General alone or with your friends inviting them to join the treatment. After that you get a reward. The higher your rate, the higher is the reward. Please note that you cannot join a battle in case the General's health bar is more than 75 percent full. Note that each treatment lasts only 6 hours. You have only 2 hours to explore the Bunker. When this period of time expires General will come back and you will have to collect 5 miraculous keys again.
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