How can I find my purchase receipts?

You can find a purchase confirmation letter in your e-mail right on your iOS device. iTunes sends these letters for every purchase you make to the e-mail you're using as Apple ID.

It's also possible to check your purchase history via iTunes on your computer:
1. Open iTunes on your PC/Mac and sign in with your Apple ID if necessary.
2. Choose Account at the top of the iTunes window and go to View My Account.
3. Enter your password, then press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard, or click View Account to Enter your Account Information page.
4. Scroll down to see the Purchase History section and click See All.
5. To see order details, click the Arrow icon to the left of the order date.
Here are the how-to guides about taking screenshots if necessary:
- for iOS devices:
- for Windows PC:
- for Mac:
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