How can I restore my energy points?

Spending energy to complete almost all actions in the game: constructing buildings, harvesting crops, collecting income from service buildings, etc. is the game feature. 
Your energy limit will be constantly increasing throughout the whole game: you will have one energy point added to your limit when you get a level-up twice. Just keep playing to increase the limit and get more energy points.
When you reach the next level a certain part of your energy points is always replenished. 
There are several ways to accumulate energy in the game faster: 
- save energy planting long-term vegetation instead of great number of short-term ones; 
- charge collections that give energy as a reward; 
- get energy points fulfilling tasks in the game; 
- get energy points as a daily bonus on day 3 and 6; 
- activate the Magic Stone or Merline's Rune magic to reduce the amount of time required for energy accumulation; 
- restore energy using energy potions and elixirs that you can buy for crystals in the Magic tab or get as a reward; 
- use Treasurer's Aid and Farmer's Aid to save energy;
- construct such objects as Energy Spring or Power Plant that can be found in the Store → Extra. These buildings give you extra energy points for 24 hours when you load them with goods. Please, note that in 24 hours your energy points can go down in case the building of this type is not supplied with goods. 
​Whenever you spend energy points there is always a chance of dropping a certain item for collection or quest. Charging collections gives you bonuses while successful completion of quests gives you experience and money to move to the next level.
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