I bought the Magic Item but cannot find it in my Inventory. Where is it?

The game feature is that Magic Items that you can buy in the Store work in the different ways: 1) Items that are marked with the number of charges can be used any time you need it. When you buy them you are suggested to use them. In this case you can: - cancel the option and all the charges will go to your Inventory; - use the item partly and the rest of the charges will move to the Inventory; 2) All other items work immediately and don't move to your Inventory. Among them are: Magic Gnome's Tools, Magic Stones, Merlin's Rune, Energy Potions and Elixirs, Golden Ratchet, Gold Watering Cans, Treasurer's Aid and Farmer's Aid. The description of items can be found in the info given below them. Here are some examples of the ways they work: - Farmer's Aid magic is used to collect the ripe crops: it collects all the crops from patches if there are ripe crops there; - Treasurer's Aid magic is used to collect income: it collects all income from buildings if there are already accumulated amount of in-game money there; - Gold Watering Can waters all the plants in your Realm making them ripe faster; - Magic Stone reduces the amount of time required for energy accumulation. Please, note this fact to purchase items only when you want to use them right away. Item of this kind moves to your Inventory only in case it doesn't find at least one target on your map.
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