How can I add friends in the game?

To add friends, perform the following activities:
1. Press the button with two people depicted in the lower right corner of the game window to open the Friends menu.
2. Choose the Invite tab.
3. Use one of the following ways of adding friends represented in the tab:
- Add a random player. Once a day you can offer friendship to one player, which is chosen randomly. Another player will be shown the next day, but you can always speed up the refresh for 2 City credits. 
- Invite by name. Enter the friend's unique name to invite the player to the game. You can learn the names of other users on our Facebook page or in the comments section in the App Store. When you invite friends by name, you can also see your own name in the game friends can add you by. To let your friends know your name, so that they could enter it in the Invite section to become friends in the game, open the Services tab of the Friends menu and  use the buttons with Facebook/Twitter icons to announce it.  
- Invite to the game your friends on Facebook.  
To see pending requests and list of your friends, visit their cities and send gifts to them, use the Friends tab of the menu.
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