There is a Commercial Port in my Big Business game now. Is there anything useful I should know about it?

1. Do I need to fill all the containers? Why?
You receive points and coins as a reward for every full container and the reward is bigger than for selling resources from the Warehouse. If you manage to fill all the regular containers you will receive a special reward.

2. What is the VIP container?
The VIP container gives you three times as much profit as the regular container.

3. How can I unlock more containers?
The number of common containers grows with your ingame level. The number of VIP containers depends on the level of Commercial Port.

4. Why did the ship depart despite I had not filled all the containers?
The ship stays in the port for a certain period of time. If you manage to fill all the common containers you will receive a special reward of experience points, city credits and an Anchor.

5. How can I change the resources required to fill the ship with?
You cannot change the required resouces on your own. The resource types change when the ship departs. You can send a non-full ship to the voyage by tapping the Ship button.

6. How can I ask friends for help? How can they help me?
If you tap the container you will see Help from friends button on the right. You can ask for help to fill all the containers in time and receive the reward for it. You cannot ask for help more than four times and only for common containers each time the ship arrives.

7. How can I help my friends?
When your friend asks you for help you see an icon with an exclamation mark near their avatar (e.g in the friendlist).To help that friend you need to visit their city and tap the Commercial Port. In the Port window you will see containers available for filling.

8. What reward will I receive for helping friends?
For filling friend's containers you will receive coins and probably will get an Anchor.

9. How can I upgrade the Commercial Port?
Fill ships fully, send them to the voyage and receive Anchors for that. You need to collect a certain amount of Anchors to upgrade the Commercial Port.

10. Where can I find Anchors for upgrading Commercial Port?
You can receive the Anchor for filling all common containers on the Ship.

11. Where can I find the types of resources required for the next ship?
Tap the Port while the ship is on the voyage. You will see the window with resouces which will be required for the next ship.
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