Big Business Contests. Is there anything I should know about them?

1. How can I win a contest?
To win the contest you shall produce the certain goods. The player who has produced more goods than other players in appointed period of time will become a winner.
2. How can I check how much time is left?
Time left to the end of the contest is mentioned in Contest window.
3. How can I check my position in a contest?
The list of leaders of the last competition is written in the Contest window.  According to the rules of the game you cannot check your position in the current contest.
4. Can I save up the resources for a contest in advance?
No. Only the goods produced from the beginning of the contest are counted.
5. I have produced the same number of resources as other players. How is the place determined?
The player, who has collected this amount of goods earlier takes the upper position in the table.
6. Why does not a new contest start?
The contests go one by one. You shall take the reward for the previous one to participate in the new.
7. I did not get any prize for the contest. Why?
The best awards go to the three players, who have produced the largest amount of resources. Those who entered the hundred of bests get a consolation prize.
8. The goods produced in the last five minutes of a contest were not counted. Why?
To make sure that the resources are counted correctly, open the Contest window from time to time. So the information would be synchronized with server in time.
9. Why the resources bought for city-credits are not counted?
Only produced resources are counted in a contest. The resources bought for city-credits are not counted, but you can speed up the production for city-credits as well.
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