What is Spectator mode? How do I use it?

Spectator mode allows iOS 11 players to watch other people's battles using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You will find a straightforward tutorial on how to watch your first match in AR right in the game, but we’ll tell you about it here as well:
1. Open Spectator Mode from the Lobby.
2. Select the fight you want to watch. You can watch battles featuring your friends and clan members or just random fights. 
3. Find the right angle, as you guide the camera by simply moving around: it zooms in and out when you get close or move away. See the best moments up close and personal or fly freely around the battlefield and observe the fight from a bird’s eye view.
Moreover, you can follow your friends and receive notifications every time they go to battle: simply tap the Follow button in the same Spectator Mode menu.
N.B.: Only the devices running iOS 11 or higher support AR Spectator Mode: iPhone 6s/6s Plus; iPhone 7/7 Plus; iPhone SE; iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9); iPad (2017); iPhone 8/8 Plus; iPhone X.
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