How do I record a video on an iOS device?

iOS 11 has a standard screen recording feature. Here's how you can use it to capture the video for our specialists:
1. Enter Settings of your device, choose Control Center, scroll down the list of options and tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording.
2. Close Settings and swipe up from the bottom of the main screen to enter Control Center. You'll see the Screen Recording icon.
3. Long tap the Recording icon and tap Start Recording.
4. Close the panel, open the game and perform the same actions that trigger the problem you've encountered earlier.
5. When you finish with the actions, close the game, tap on the recording status bar at the top of the screen and tap Stop. The recorded video can be found in your Camera Roll.
6. As soon as the video is ready, download it to any file hosting service or on YouTube and send us the link to it. You can also just attach the video file to your message to us.

iOS versions prior to iOS 11 have no internal screen capturing functions. You can shoot a video using your other device as a camera, or capture it with the help of your PC/Mac.
If you decide on using your computer, you'll need several pieces of software: Airserver for capturing the image from your phone screen and OBS studio for recording a video or. Both your computer and your phone have to be connected to one Wi-fi network.
1. Launch AirServer on your computer and the app Airserver Connect on your device. Connect the phone to your PC/Mac - you will see a window appear on the computer screen mirroring the screen of your device. If there are no devices on the list, press the QR-code button in the Airserver on your computer and scan it with the Airserver Connect app on your phone.
2. Launch OBS Studio. In the Sources add Window Capture and choose the Airserver window in the settings. The image from the screen of your phone will be added to the scene. Press Start Recording on the right side of the window to capture video and save it as a file.
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