How do I use double tap in battle?

Double tap can execute three different actions that can be adjusted in the Settings of the game lobby, as well as in the middle of a fight. The available actions are as follows:
1. Reload. Double tap will reload your gun, if you have ammo while the magazine is not full. If you have an enemy in your sight during the reload, double tap switches the weapon to your pistol.
2. Previous weapon. With this setting, double tap allows you to quickly switch to the weapon you used before the current one. If you haven't switched weapons since the beginning of the fight, double tap activates the previous weapon in the list, from assault rifle to machine gun, and from sniper rifle to shotgun. When one of the guns is out of ammo, double tap activates the previous weapon in the list as well. If you have two guns you're eager to use the most, choose them one after another in the beginning of the fight to be able to switch between them using double tap.
3. None. If you don't like the double tap option, you can simply switch it off to avoid accidental actions.
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