I lost my account in Guns of Boom. How do I get it back?

Did you lose your account? You can easily recover it by yourself, and here's the way of doing it:
1) Log into Game Center using the e-mail address that you originally connected to your account. To do this, go to your device Settings, find Game Center and tap Apple ID.
2) Open the game, once you’re logged into the correct Game Center/Apple ID. Guns of Boom will prompt a message asking you to load the correct account. If you can’t retrieve your lost account with the address you’re using now, it's probably not the right one.
WARNING: If you load multiple accounts on a single device, you may lose access to one or more of them in the process!

If you still can't get your account, write a message to our Support Team including as many of the following details as you can:
1) Exact Username and Clan Name of your lost account (or Player ID if possible).
2) Exact level of your lost account.
3) Your current Player ID.
4) Explain how you lost the account.
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