How do the alliance tasks work?

Every week each of the alliance members receives a set of destinations and a number of flights that should be completed during the week. When you finish all the flights to any destination, your alliance gets one point. Each member of the alliance can contribute 3 points maximum by completing all the flights in 3 destinations. The flights get counted in the weekly task only when you have a stable Internet connection. 
If all the alliance members manage to get a certain task percentage during the week, they receive a reward. The reward is different for 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 100% completion rate. Each reward includes a set number of reputation points. Completing the weekly tasks is the only source of reputation points now, as they are no longer given for the alliance ratings.
When a player joins the alliance during the week, they can participate in the alliance tasks starting from the next week only.
Once a week you can change a destination to a different one for free while losing all the progress you've made in this destination. Every new change during the same week will cost you 20 Airport cash.
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