What shall I do in the Control Points mode?

Control Points mode is available to every player who reached level 16. Each map in this mode has three points, which players need to capture and hold. The more points your team controls, the more you score. To capture a point, just stand on top of it. The more players from one team stand on a point, the faster it's captured. A point cannot be captured if there are players from the opposing team on it. Victory goes to the team that scores the most points during a 5-minute battle or to the team that reaches 1200 points first.

Points can be acquired in a number of ways: by capturing and holding control points, by defending them from enemies, by attacking enemy control points, or by fragging. Your best option is to combine all the methods!
The main feature of this mode is teamwork! The better you anticipate your opponents’ actions, the better your chances are of winning. Do you know the enemies are about to capture point A? Make an ambush nearby! Are opponents standing on all the control points? Rush one of the points as a team! The room for creating cool tactics is really unlimited.
This info should be enough to get you started.

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