What game modes are there?

Game modes change all the time, and you never know which mode will be active when you try to complete a level. However, to gain access to some game modes, you’ll need to earn a certain number of experience points or unlock special locations. These are the following game modes:
1. Turn Mode — Break all the blue tiles before you run out of moves.
2. Time Mode — Break all the blue tiles before time runs out.
3. Snowflake — A special snowflake piece appears on your board. When matched, snowflake pieces add more tiles to the board. Try to avoid this!
4. Night — Move the torch around the screen to find possible moves.
5. Colorless — None of the pieces have color.
6. Blitz — Match pieces marked with a clock icon to earn more time to complete the level.
7. Treasure Hunt — Find all the treasures to complete the level by destroying the ground tiles. You’ll need to match the tiles over ground tiles up to 5 times, depending on the difficulty level.
8. Golden Tiles — Make three-in-a-row combos next to the golden tile to turn the neighboring tiles golden. You pass the level when you have a certain number of golden tiles.
9. Reach the Target — Take the items to specially marked places.
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