How do I play in locations and complete levels?

There are many locations on the game map, which are all marked by a ribbon with the location’s name on it. To start the game on a certain level, you need to tap the location and then the required level.
To complete a level in a location, you need to remove all the blue tiles from the game field. To do this, make a combination of 3 or more pieces.
Different combinations get you new bonus pieces. To activate a bonus piece, include it in your next combination.
Five pieces in a vertical or horizontal row makes a lightning piece, which you can use to break an entire row.
Any other 5-piece combination makes a bomb piece. When used, bombs break neighboring pieces.
Combining six pieces makes a super-lightning piece, which breaks both vertical and horizontal rows when activated.
Combining seven pieces makes a pinwheel flower. You can also get this bonus if you get a certain number of points on the level. Pinwheel flowers break all pieces of a certain color.
To unlock new levels, you need to upgrade locations. To do so, you’ll first need to get three stars on each level. Hint: you can play the level several times until you get the desired result.
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