General Tips & Tricks

Ah, want to see a bunch of unsorted but Captain Cloudbeard-approved Tips and Tricks? You’ve come to the right place! Here they are:
- Basic Cannon tower can only get you so far - you’ll need some serious firepower at later stages, and a simple Cannon won’t cut it;
- Timely use of Ammo can turn an “Oh no I’m about to lose!” situation into a “Phew, that was close but I survived!”;
- Try to complete Tasks and get those Chests in queue for opening - it’s a good idea to open 4 hour chests during the day, and then opening an 8 hour chest when you’re napping - might as well put your downtime to use, right?
- Once you’re in battle, upgrading a tower usually costs less and is more effective, than building another tower just the same - however, towers can be used for more than simply dealing damage…
- Arenas with more than one Base will evenly share damage between them - meaning both of them will receive damage even if one of them is damaged;
- NewsHub is the best way to catch up on all latest news;
- Shop Chests have a huge amount of loot that can give you a right-away boost to firepower!
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