Tell me more about Chests

Chests have Cards and Skyshards in them, and they take time to open - usually 4 hours, but for some Tasks you might receive a Chest as a reward which will open either less or more than these 4 hours. As a rule of thumb, the longer it takes for a chest to open, the more stuff it contains - including rare items you won’t find in smaller chests.
Every 4 hours you can also claim a free Supply Chests - and they can be stacked up to 2 chests (meaning every 8 hours you can claim two Supply Chests, but if you don’t claim them after these 8 hours, no more chests will be added to that queue).
You can also purchase Shop Chests for Skyshards, and they’re already open - all you need to do is sit back and watch how your Arsenal gets filled with awesome loot. These chests also contain more cards, and have a way increased chance of finding rare cards to complete your card collection.
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