How many Card types are there?

So far, there are 6 types of cards:
1. Towers - your general defensive building. Requires Gears to build, and will deal damage to enemies (but some towers will damage only Ground and Air units, so check out card info before battle!)
2. Troops - the soldiers you deploy in-battle. They have different stats and might require Gears to summon - and are used to reinforce a particular wave, if you like. Some troops are better suited for a particular task - testing out your strategies is the key!
3. Heroes - leader of your army. The embodiment of you as a player. Has massive power, and can help you survive for a bit longer, if used properly.
4. Ammo - fired from who-knows-where, it can turn the tide of battle by dealing massive damage, or freezing units in place, or everything else - come see for yourself!
5. Power-Up - unique item that can be used only once per battle (except for Adrenaline that speeds up your battle), they’re super useful for that one last extra push for top score!
6. Perks - passive cards that stay with you once unlocked - some give extra bit of damage, while others can even give an extra Tower or Ammo slot to use in battle!
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