What is the Chief's Residence? What can I do there?

The Chief's Residence is a rather unusual and amazing place with its own spirit and tasks. You will need all your skillfulness and Chief's wisdom to bring this place to prosperity! After purchasing the Chief's Residence from the Store, you can visit it whenever you want with the help of the corresponding button. Inside the Chief's Residence you can find some of your tribezman, always ready to exchange your resources for useful tools like Batteries, Gears, Screws, etc. With the help of these resources, you can repair different decor elements that sometimes get broken. For each repair you get a number of Tape Measures that are used for purchasing new decor elements and upgrading the building of the Chief's Residence. The wiser you manage your instruments, the bigger the amount of Tape Measures you can get.
All the new decorations and improvements would really come in handy, as the special Tournament is held at the Chief's Residence from time to time. You can obtain some very useful rewards while getting to the top of the ratings in it! If you're good at managing your lands at the Chief's Residence, you're sure to achieve great success!
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