How does the transfer work in the game?

We've prepared a step-by-step instruction that will help you transfer your game progress between iOS devices comfortably. To make the description clearer, let's call the device that has the progress you want to keep as Device №1 and Device №2 will stand for the device where you aim to transfer your progress. Follow these steps:
1. Connect both devices to one and the same Game Center profile. You can do this in the corresponding section of the Settings menu of your device.
2. Open the game on Device №1 so that its progress could be linked to the Game Center profile and marked as the main one on our server.
3. Delete the game on Device №2 and download it again from the App Store.
4. When you open the game on Device №2, you'll get a restoration window that has two options: Keep your local progress and Download progress from the server. Choose the latter to get the progress you need.
When the transfer is finished, the game on Device №1 will not be fully functional. Thus, the progress itself remains, while you will no longer have your friends and alliance, as they are fully transferred to the Device №2 game. In fact, the two profiles become completely different, as well as further in-game purchases are separate for each profile.
NB! Be very careful when choosing the progress during the restore process! If you choose local progress on Device №2, it will be saved on the server as the main one overwriting the previous one. Furthermore, if you choose this progress (marked as the server one) on Device №1 next time, the initial profile would be lost! In this case contact our Support Team, describing your situation and supplying the friend codes for both profiles.
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