How do I start a union beach battle?

Find Rob Malibu on the beach and select him — he’s the one organizing all the battles.
You’ll see a window, where you’ll be able to join a random battle, create a team of your union members, or join an existing one. If your union still doesn’t have a team, you’ll see a Create a Team button.
If you want to be the captain, press the Create a Team button. Keep in mind, that you need a certain amount of water to create a union team. After that you’ll see a waiting window with the list of your union’s members who are ready to take part in battles. Also, everyone in your union chat will see a message about the creation of a new team.
You can start the fight immediately or wait for union members to join the team. As new players join your team, their names will appear on the list. Your name on this list is highlighted, and the captain’s name is marked with a crown.
Battles are between two teams of 5 players. Your team may have from 1 to 5 union members on it. If the team captain closes the waiting window and doesn’t start the battle, the whole team will be disbanded.
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