How do you create your own union?

It’s possible to create a union in the early stages of the game, as well as after you’ve joined another union. If you’re not in a union, and want to create one, open the chat. Then press the Create your Union button in the lower part of the panel.
If you’re already a member of a union, open the main window by pressing on the Island on the horizon. Then open the settings menu and press the Create your Union button. In the window that opens, write the name of your union, select the color, emblem and frame, and define the union’s type.
Public unions allow players to join without the leader’s approval. To join a private union, a player must first send a request that will later be approved or rejected. You can also set the minimal level requirements here.
Please note that creating a union requires a small amount of crystals.
After creating a union, you can always change its name, emblem or type. To do so, go to the settings menu and select Union Settings.
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