Where can I see a list of my friends?

All your friends are listed in a panel at the bottom of the screen. To open it, press the Friends button. All friends are divided into categories, which can be seen on individual tabs.
1. Unioners.
This is where you can see players that are in the same union as you. This list will change if you join another union.
2. Friends.
This is where you can see players that you follow and who follow you in return. Players that you follow but who do not follow you will also be listed here.
3. Facebook friends.
This is where you can see your Facebook friends who play Paradise Island 2. For them to appear on this list, they need to connect their games to their Facebook accounts.
This is where you can see a list of people who want to become friends with you and follow you. Don’t forget to check your followers regularly: each player from the list can become a friend!
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