What are guild events? What guild events are in the game?

Once you are in a guild, unique events will become available to you; you will have to fulfill its goals together with your friends. Participating in such events is not just fun; it will also bring you prizes! At the end of each event, every guild member will get a reward, their personal (purchase) points, and will bring some points to the guild, too! Complete quests and get fabulous rewards!
Guild events may have different goals, such as:
- Banishing a certain number of monsters belonging to a certain kind.
- Defeating a boss a certain number of times.
- Exploring rooms a certain number of times.
- Exploring rooms a certain number of times in a certain mode.
When a new guild event starts, you’ll see an exclamation mark on the game panel’s guild section. Open the guild window and open the Events tab. There you will be briefed on the event. Select the event and then the information icon to learn the main goals of the event. There are several sections of the event description:
- The Counter shows how many actions it will take to complete the event.
- The Personal Reward is the number of points a player gets for fulfilling a part of the event, e.g., for exploring a room once. You’ll need these points (called purchase points) to buy unique items in the store.
- The Final Reward is the number of guild points one player wins for their guild by completing all the actions in the event.
To learn more about the rewards, press the “Information” button. A window will open where you can see the rewards you can get at each stage of the event. The less time you spend completing a quest, the larger your reward!
Select a chest on the guild events screen to learn what’s in it. As soon as the time displayed on the chest expires, its image will become dark which means you can no longer get this chest during the event. You can always learn which guild member made the greatest contribution to the guild event: Just look at the tab at the bottom of the event window.
Invite more friends to the guild: The more friends join, the more successful you will be during the event, and that means greater prizes! Note, though, that the number of players in your guild cannot exceed 10.
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