How do I join a guild?

Press the House of Unity or the Guild button on the game panel.
A window will open where you can choose your next action: to create your own guild or join an existing one.
Press the Find a Guild button in the selection window. You will open the Find a Guild window, where the list of existing guilds is displayed; you’ll also see the search panel at the top of the screen. You can search for a guild by its name, which needs to be entered in the search bar, or choose one from the list. To learn more about the guild you chose, press the green information icon in the line with the guild’s name. A window will open where you can see the guild’s rating, the number of points it has earned and the number of players in it.
If you decide to join the guild, press the Join button. A window will open notifying you that you have sent a request to join. You can send only one request at a time, and it has to be approved by the leader of the guild. If you are waiting for approval too long, try another guild. To do so, press the House of Unity or the “Guild” button on the game panel, and then choose “Withdraw Request.”
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